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Important Notes:

A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality; it simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway! These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change regularly
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

~ Elvis Michael

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TitleCategoryDateDASubmit ArticleNotes
Livefuntravel.comTravel09/12/202155Click HereTraditional travel blog.
Causeartist.comBusiness09/12/202142Click HereEntrepreneurship stories and articles for anyone who is helping shape / change any given industry.
indonesiatatler.comGeneral09/12/202140Click HereBroad topics accepted.
Productled.comBusiness09/12/202137Click HereTips for product / service business owners.
Webinarsoftware.orgBusiness & Marketing09/12/202135Click HereDigital marketing and business blog.
impactus.orgReligion09/12/202135Click HereReligious topics for men. Write about "issues and topics pertaining to ministry to men."
lpgawomensnetwork.comSports09/12/202135Click HereGolf-playing advice for women.
Fitmymoney.comFinance09/12/202127Click HerePersonal finance tips.
Marijuanaandthelaw.comHealth09/12/202125Click Here"Are you a legal professional with experience in the cannabis industry? We are constantly on the lookout to partner with local attorneys for a mutually beneficial relationship."
Weareosm.comDesign & Dev09/12/202123Click HereTech and web / app development topics.
Fohealth.orgHealth, Lifestyle09/12/202123Click HereThey focus on: Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Financial Wellness, and Social Wellness.
Patternswizard.comFinance09/12/202122Click Here"We at PatternsWizard are here to radically upgrade how independant traders view and interact with financial markets. Our goal is to equip every trader with all the best tools and knowledge available so they can stack the odds of success in their favor."
Whereparentstalk.comFamily09/12/202119Click Here"Our mission at Where Parents Talk is to support parents in raising their children by providing news, information, trusted tips and advice that help educate and empower moms, dads and caregivers. "
Cannabizdigital.comHealth09/12/202115Click HereCannabis-related topics, especially around California.
Thepainfreelife.comHealth09/12/202115Click HereHealth and general wellness.
Homebirth.comHealth09/12/202113Click Here"We want to hear from you if you are a parent, partner, birth worker, or creative with a personal experience or expertise with birth, pregnancy or family."
Searchenginemonkey.comBusiness & Marketing09/12/20218Click HereDigital marketing blog.
Goodolddoggie.comAnimals09/12/20217Click HereTips for dog lovers.
Onemissouri.usTravel, Lifestyle09/12/20212Click Here"Our underlying goal is to improve the lives of all Missourians through Research, Education, Advocacy, and Policy Development (REAP). OneMissouri publishes evidence-based pieces that are directly relevant to issues Missourians face."
Thefundingspotlight.comBusiness09/12/20212Click HereStories / interviews relating to business owners and startups who are fundraising and growing their business.


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