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Important Notes:

A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality; it simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway! These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change regularly
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

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TitleCategoryDateDASubmit ArticleNotes
Howtowhere.comGeneral03/01/201919Click HereLifestyle, Health, Relationships Digital marketing, business growth, SEO and related topics.
Mrwebcapitalist.comBusiness & Marketing03/01/201920Click HereDigital marketing and business blog.
Hookagency.comDesign & Development01/01/201944Click Here“My blog is composed of 70% graphic design, web design, and development, 20% search engine optimization, and 10% other digital marketing and social media marketing related posts.”
Milesonthembta.comTravel01/01/201932Click HerePosts related to public transportation.
indianpeopletimes.comGeneral01/01/201913Click HereGeneral topics accepted.
Smartmoneynation.comFinance01/01/201943Click Here"SmartMoneyNation.com is a personal finance site for young professionals and millennials generally within the 25-45 age range. Most readers do not have a financial background..."
Kanbanzone.comBusiness11/01/201823Click HereSubmit a blog post about business efficiency and related topics. "Kanban Zone (KZ) is a leading online kanban tool, enhancing the performance and efficiency of businesses, teams, and individuals. KZ also ensures the smooth management of events, programs and crash projects from outlining to realization."
Glip.comBusiness11/01/201843Click Here"Guest posts must fit into one of the following topics; productivity, remote working, team collaboration, efficiency, organization, leadership, meetings, etc."
Givegab.comBusiness & Marketing11/01/201848Click Here"We accept content that is educational to nonprofit leaders, staff, and their supporters." This includes marketing, management, and much more.
Woorank.comBusiness & Marketing11/01/201870Click HereCover SEO and relevant digital marketing subjects.
Thecaregiversvoice.comHealth11/01/201837Click Here"The Caregiver’s Voice welcomes quality original articles for caregivers for people with dementia. Guest bloggers are invited to share information, inspiration, and humor for family caregivers and professionals."
Schoolstickers.comEducation09/01/201854Click HereSubmit a guest post about schooling: Experiences as a teacher, opinions as a student, and relevant subjects as a parent with school-aged kids.
Rizonesoft.comTech09/01/201846Click HereTech, hardware, software, and programming.
Uconn.eduBusiness & Careers09/01/201887Click HereCareer and business topics.
Thestorytellingnonprofit.comBusiness09/01/201833Click HereTopics about fundraising and related subjects for non-profit organizations.
Visionarymarketing.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201838Click HereMarketing and business blog.
Creativecounselingcenter.comHealth09/01/201817Click Here"We are passionate about providing valuable information and resources to our community in areas of mental health and wellness, trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression in adolescents, the adoption process and family dynamics."
Centraltest.comCareers09/01/201846Click HereDiscuss "insights and topics that are relevant to HR professionals. We are looking for articles discussing topics including leadership, recruitment, employee engagement, career development, etc."
Mnhealthactiongroup.orgHealth09/01/201826Click HereTheir blog is "open to members who want to use this space to share opinions, best practices, and thoughts about breaking health care news."
Healthyulstercounty.netHealth09/01/201824Click Here"Are you a health care professional or someone who actively engaged in preventative health issues or work? If so, and you would like to share your expertise and insights with the Healthy Ulster Community, we invite you to become a Guest Blogger."
Chessity.comEntertainment09/01/201841Click Here"If you’re a titled chess player, club player or a chess coach and you have something new and interesting to saw about your game, we’d like to welcome you as a guest blogger at Chessity. We’re creating a dynamic and vibrant community of chess enthusiasts who are willing to share their knowledge with our users..."
Billboardhealth.comHealth05/13/201820Click HereWrite about healthy living and eating healthy on a budget.
Bicyclingmonterey.comTravel05/13/201819Click Here"The Bicycling Monterey website includes inspiration and resources for biking anywhere. Guest posts and such are normally limited to biking in the Monterey Bay Tri-County Region. The primary focus is biking in Monterey County."
Bellydanceatanysize.comHealth, Beauty & Fashion05/13/201829Click HereSubmit topics about " body size, self-esteem, sisterhood, health, personal journeys, costuming, modesty and anything else that has to do with cultivating a positive body image as it relates to belly dance."
Articles4smallbusiness.comBusiness & Marketing05/13/201828Click HereBusiness blog where you can "submit marketing, insurance, or other business related article about any business."
Anxiouslass.comHealth05/13/201823Click Here" Anxious Lass is a mental health blog, with its main focus being social anxiety. Written in a casual and candid manner, the blog aims to be a relatable resource for people who want to hear from someone that actually struggles with a mental illness..."
Broadcast-everywhere.netGeneral05/13/201837Click HereSubmit from a wide range of topics (travel, music, local events, and much more).
10minutejazzlesson.comMusic05/13/201816Click HereJazz lessons blog. " Are you an accomplished musician, or educator with something to say? We would love to have you prepare something for our blog!"
Huntingnote.comLifestyle05/13/201824Click Here"We welcome submissions of newsworthy and informational content about all things related to hunting and outdoor life."
Affordableartfair.com.auHome & Garden05/13/201818Click Here" If you are expert in areas such as home improvement, home decoration, interior design, gardening, landscaping, outdoor living, etc. then you can write for us."
Helloteacup.comHealth, Food & Drink05/13/201821Click HereSubmit " high quality articles related to tea, food, health, and China."
Harvestmd.comHealth05/13/201818Click Here"We’re looking for talented writers who know a thing or two about the healthcare industry and are willing to share their knowledge with the world! We’re only looking for health themed articles..."
Guidehardware.comTech05/13/201810Click HereSubmit a guest post on apps, games, gadgets, hardware, and general tech.
Gospelbreed.comDating & Relationships05/13/201816Click Here"Gospel Breed is an online platform for entertaining web users with Christian Relationship Stories and Godly articles."
Genderlinks.org.zaLifestyle & Society05/13/201842Click HereNews blog centered around equality, gender, and social progress.
Fiftyfive.oneSports05/13/201835Click HereBlog mainly about Minnesota soccer.
Entrepreneurial-life.todayBusiness, Travel05/13/201812Click Here"We are looking for the stories of international entrepreneurs sharing what it is like to run a business in their part of the world or entrepreneurs, who work from a unique place like an island, top of a cliff or even an urban coffee shop."
Kaleeraisor.comBusiness & Marketing05/13/201825Click Here"We cover a variety of topics mainly focusing around digital marketing, web design & development, CMS’s, and at time different technology tools that we find interesting."
Plos.orgHealth & Fitness05/13/201891Click Here"We’re open to guest posts on just about any topic related to physical activity, sedentary behaviour, obesity or nutrition..."
About-esl.comEducation05/13/201821Click HereWrite about " English as a second language, studying English, teaching English, or anything else about the English language that you want to write about!"


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