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Important Notes:

A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality; it simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway! These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change regularly
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

~ Elvis Michael

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TitleCategoryDateDASubmit ArticleNotes
Socialmediaexplorer.comBusiness & Marketing03/01/201963Click HereDigital marketing and business blog.
Allinformer.comBusiness & Marketing, Design & Development10/05/201918Click HereFreelance, marketing, and web design blog.
Websolutionwinner.comGeneral10/05/201927Click HereGeneral topics, from business to marketing to tech and more.
Businessonhome.comBusiness & Marketing10/05/201915Click HereDigital marketing topics (blogging tips, PPC, SEO, business, social media branding, and related topics).
Witszen.comGeneral10/05/201926Click HereGeneral / broad topics.
How2reach2every1.orgGeneral10/05/201915Click HereGeneral / broad topics.
Businessvaani.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech10/05/201919Click HereBusiness, marketing, and general tech.
Bestsocialsubmission.comGeneral10/05/201929Click HereGeneral and broad topics.
Bringnex.comBusiness & Marketing10/05/201919Click HereDigital marketing topics (blogging tips, PPC, SEO, business, social media branding, and related topics).
Migramatters.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech10/05/201927Click HereTech, business, and marketing blog.
Redletterchristians.orgReligion08/01/201955Click Here"We seek to provide our readers with soul stirring, thought provoking, and action-oriented reflections about Jesus and justice. We mainly publish articles that provide faithful, insightful, and solutions-oriented commentary on current events. We seek articles grounded in scripture and theology that challenges the way we think and live..."
insightsforprofessionals.comBusiness08/01/201936Click Here"If you’ve got an article you’d like us to feature regarding HR, IT, Marketing, or any other business subject, we’d love to hear from you."
Godupdates.comReligion08/01/201950Click HereTopics based on religion.
Territorysupply.comTravel08/01/201925Click Here"If you’re interested in covering hiking, camping, backpacking or gear content for a growing audience, we’d love to hear from you."
Placeit.netArt, General08/01/201960Click Here"Our blog is intended to be a resource hub for creators, as Placeit has products for many types of creators such as t-shirt sellers, entrepreneurs, video creators, app developers, designers, freelancers, writers, marketers, and all related industries."
Sungenre.comEntertainment08/01/201922Click HereMusic reviews, interviews, and related topics.
Gun.ioTech, Business08/01/201955Click Here"If you like to write about software, the development cycle, leading technical teams, or the future of work, you should consider submitting a piece to the Gun.io blog."
Webdew.comBusiness & Marketing08/01/201930Click Here"Topics should be related to Digital Marketing, HubSpot, Explainer Videos, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Blog Posting, Website designing, and Inbound Marketing..."
Yought.comBusiness & Marketing08/01/201920Click HereWrite about business, marketing, branding, and growth.
Novasiagsis.comLaw & Politics08/01/201914Click Here"NOVAsia aims to be a platform for student voices in the conversation on global affairs."


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