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Important Notes:

A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality; it simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway! These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change regularly
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

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TitleCategoryDateDASubmit ArticleNotes
Masongroup.caFinance01/01/201926Click HereTheir audience consists of: “Accounting, finance and banking professionals across Canada as well as hiring managers and HR professionals.”
Rentbuynsell.comReal Estate01/01/201927Click HereWrite about real estate and managing properties.
Goodwill-ni.orgArt, General01/01/201930Click HereThey look for crafters and those who have made something interesting from Goodwill items.
Midwesthomeschoolers.orgEducation01/01/201932Click HereYour guest posts “should relate to homeschooling in some way: e.g. personal experience/testimonials, family and household matters, curriculum and resources, area opportunities, etc.”
Thedailymeditation.comHealth & Fitness01/01/201938Click HereShare practical tips on "Meditation / Yoga / Psychics / Psychology."
Javatutorial.netDesign & Development01/01/201943Click HereJava coding, as well as programming / development in general.
Thelendersnetwork.comFinance01/01/201945Click Here“Our website focuses on lending, credit, debt and other finance topics.”
Bigthink.comEducation01/01/201983Click HereWrite about topics "related to K-12 school leadership or leadership preparation."
Dream-usa.orgFinance11/01/201810Click Here"An original article (not published anywhere else) on any personal finance related topic (saving, investing, shopping, frugality, money management, debt, student loans, etc."
Pricelessplanning.orgBusiness11/01/201811Click HereStartups, business planning, client management, and related business topics.
Childlessnotbychoice.netFamily11/01/201821Click Here"Tell us how you have faced being childless not by choice, anything positive that has helped you on your journey." Topics may be related to travel, hobbies, motivational speaking, or anything that has helped people cope with being childless.
Cmle.orgEducation11/01/201827Click Here"None of these need to specifically be set in a library, marketed to libraries, or mention libraries; we are looking for all sorts of information that might be relevant as librarians and library staff..."
Ecovisionslc.orgHealth, Science & Nature11/01/201827Click Here"We welcome articulate communicators sharing information on ‘green’ topics, with a particular focus on sustainable initiatives, design, products and services within the green building, sustainable hospitality, and eco-friendly travel & leisure markets."
Campus-to-career.comCareer11/01/201838Click HereA blog about job search and careers.
Stressfreekids.comFamily11/01/201843Click Here"300-700 words of educational, informational, valuable, original content for our target audience of parents, educators, therapists, school counselors, psychologists, yoga Instructors or others working with children. Content should focus on children ages 3-12 years old."
Dvcrequest.comEntertainment, Travel11/01/201854Click Here"Our readers like to read about Disney Vacation Club resorts and Disney Parks, particularly first-hand stories about: dining, resort stays, attractions, shopping, news, tips, entertainment, holidays, and events."
Artofinfertility.orgFamily, Health09/01/201827Click Here"The ART of Infertility is always looking for people who are interested in sharing their infertility story through our organization as a guest blogger. We welcome individuals and families at all stages of dealing with infertility and on all topics related to infertility, infant loss, miscarriage, and fertility preservation."
Deanbank.comFinance09/01/201830Click HereTopics on banking, personal finance, financial planning, and related subjects.
Childcarecrm.comFamily09/01/201833Click HereSubmit posts "about the world of child care, marketing or business. While we tend to feature more content around specific enrollment growing tactics, that’s not all we share. We're also interested in publishing any topic that child care owners, directors and executives care about, which includes things like recruitment and retention, among other things."
Museuly.comTravel09/01/201834Click HereTraditional travel and adventure blog.
Kruveinc.comFood & Drink09/01/201839Click Here"Are you a strong writer with a unique perspective on the latest specialty coffee issues and trends? Do you have tips, tools, or recipes to share? If so, we want to hear from you."
Wholisticwomanretreats.comSelf-improvement09/01/201837Click Here"We are looking for blogs about personal and professional growth. They may be inspiring, thought provoking, personal in nature, and should not be self-promoting."
Bizspace.co.ukBusiness09/01/201842Click HereSmall business advice.
Speexx.comBusiness09/01/201844Click Here"We love talent management, learning technology and communication! If you’re an expert or thought leader in one of these areas and would like to contribute to our blog, simply drop us a line!"
Smallbizdaily.comBusiness & Marketing09/01/201852Click HereSmall business and marketing tips.
Mysportevolution.comSports, Tech05/27/20186Click HereBlog about "the latest developments in sports technologies from around the world, the role of sports science and technology in sport, keeping innovation and the end user aligned, the growing influence of performance technologies within sport (In Australia and around the world), the challenges around keeping performance data meaningful and useful..."
Startheretravel.comTravel05/27/20187Click HereTraditional travel blog.
Baldivis.comGeneral05/27/201810Click HereGeneral, multi-topic blog.
Moderntravelprofessionals.comTravel05/27/201812Click Here"We are looking for blogs about travel, obviously. Specifically, blogs about Disney destinations, Universal Orlando, cruises (any line) and general travel hacks."
Blackburnconsultingnc.comBusiness & Marketing05/27/201813Click HereTips for small business owners.
Freelancewritersclub.comWriting & Publishing05/27/201814Click Here"We want to help new people get into the freelance writing industry and also help experienced freelance writers develop their skills and grow their own businesses more."
Daisysrescue.comAnimals05/27/201814Click Here"We are all about helping humans and rescue groups learn useful tricks and tips on how to take care of and rescue dogs."
Addictedtoalcohol.comHealth05/27/201816Click Here"Addictedtoalcohol.com is looking for guest bloggers who are passionate about helping individuals struggling with alcohol addiction."
Luxuryresidence.caReal Estate05/27/201816Click HerePosts about luxurious real estate; tips for those in the business.
Magdalenamarsden.co.ukGeneral05/27/201816Click HereGeneral, multi-topic blog: health, money, food, and more.
Towersofzeyron.comBusiness & Marketing05/27/201817Click Here"My content is targeted at helping consumer tech brands, startups, fashion brands, luxury brands, ecommerce stores, technology companies, and many other businesses improve their marketing and online promotions and advertising processes."
Ladyofthezoos.comAnimals, Travel05/27/201817Click Here"Topics can include: Zoo visits, Zoo exhibits, Zoos in general, Zoo programs, conservation, Wildlife Ambassadors, Animal of the Month, Re-introductions/Introductions, Close Encounter with Wildlife & Wild Spaces…"
Whatsonqueerbc.comLifestyle & Society, Travel05/27/201818Click Here"We are looking for lgbtq+ articles of interested to persons in the BC Lower Mainland. These can be event-specific, or newsy, or they can be general interest articles about the queer community, listicles, inspiring personal stories .."
Simplybethany.comBeauty & Fashion05/27/201817Click HereLifestyle, fashion, and beauty topics.
Pleasureandlife.comHealth & Fitness05/27/201818Click HereHealth, fitness, and general well-being tips.


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