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Important Notes:

A lower DA does NOT mean that a website is of low quality; it simply means that it doesn’t have many links pointing to it yet. A newer blog could still be of high quality; don’t focus exclusively on this number.

Even if a blog hasn’t been updated in awhile, submit a pitch anyway! These usually still receive targeted traffic and your post may be accepted.

Other Notes:

  • Use this list only as a starting point. Conduct additional research before guest posting
  • Use the Search field or sort by date/category/DA
  • Domain authority (DA) numbers are only a rough estimate, as they change regularly
  • Download this spreadsheet to track where you have submitted your guest posts

~ Elvis Michael

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TitleCategoryDateDASubmit ArticleNotes
Webblogjournal.comBusiness & Marketing10/05/201912Click HereDigital marketing topics (blogging tips, PPC, SEO, business, social media branding, and related topics).
Techsmashable.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech10/05/201935Click HereGeneral marketing and tech / gadget blog.
Usefultechtips.comTech10/05/201917Click HereTech / gadgets and electronics blog.
Aryansimon.comBusiness & Marketing10/05/201920Click HereDigital marketing topics (blogging tips, PPC, SEO, business, social media branding, and related topics).
Sizzlingmagazine.comGeneral10/05/201923Click HereWrite about "Design/Web Design, Internet Marketing, Blog for Money, Technology and Fashion related topics."
intelegain.comBusiness & Marketing, Design & Development10/05/201939Click HereSoftware / web / app development, tech, and digital marketing topics.
Netcashcows.co.ukBusiness & Marketing10/05/201914Click HereDigital marketing topics (blogging tips, PPC, SEO, business, social media branding, and related topics).
Marblehost.comBusiness & Marketing10/05/201929Click HereDigital marketing topics (blogging tips, PPC, SEO, business, social media branding, and related topics).
Shindigweb.comGeneral10/05/201929Click HereGeneral topics, from tech to lifestyle to food.
Blogsjunction.comBusiness & Marketing, Tech10/05/201920Click HereTech, business, and marketing topics.
Snyxius.comTech09/21/201935Click Here"Snyxius is looking for articles detailing advancements in technology, trends in development, project management methodologies, and how-to articles."
Montereybayparent.comTravel08/01/201918Click Here"We cover Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties and articles should be of interest to our local readers. We're especially interested in articles about family fun–places to go, things to do, undiscovered treasures!"
Bestofthebull.comTravel08/01/201923Click HereWrite about things to do around Durham, NC.
Nonahoodnews.comTravel, General08/01/201926Click HereLake Nona content, among other topics (education, health, sports, etc).
Friedcoffee.comFood & Drink08/01/201932Click Here"Original well written articles related to coffee that makes sense or is useful to other coffee readers. Apply with anything like – The best things to do with used coffee grounds, recipes, comparisons, coffee roasters, about popular cafes visit."
Hostelgeeks.comTravel08/01/201950Click HereTravel / hostel guides.
Operationmilitarykids.orgLaw & Politics08/01/201938Click Here"Operation Military Kids is always looking for talented writers to inform future prospective soldiers, sailors, and airmen about various military topics."
Tcjewfolk.comLifestyle & Society08/01/201945Click Here"Jewish? Jew-ish? It doesn’t matter, we want you to write for us. Topics range from personal Jewish experiences, reviews of Jewish media, your search for the NJB and much more."
Objectsobjectsobjects.comScience & Nature, General08/01/201942Click Here"Object Lessons is an essay and book series published by The Atlantic and Bloomsbury about the hidden lives of ordinary things, from sardines to silence, juniper berries to jumper cables."
Digitalphotomentor.comPhotography08/01/201945Click HerePhotography tips and related topics.


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