Get Paid to Walk: Gigwalk Review

Did You Know You Can Get Paid to Walk?

You have probably heard of Gigwalk by now, as it’s been around for several years. Is Gigwalk worth your time, though?

Thanks to today’s technological advances, many services have surfaced in recent years with ways for freelancers to supplement their income. You can make money driving, playing video games, reading emails, and much more. But who would have thought you could also get paid to walk to various places around the city?

If you are one of millions of people that don’t like to exercise or go out much, hopefully this will give you some motivation.

Best of all, the tasks you perform are usually convenient because they are based within your immediate area. This also allows you to familiarize with places that you would have never considered visiting otherwise.

Enter Gigwalk:


Gigwalk is a service/app that allows you to run errands on behalf of other people around the city.

Let’s get started by setting up your Gigwalk app and account.

Gigwalk Android app

Gigwalk iPhone app


  • Install the Gigwalk app on your smartphone and configure it with a new account.
  • When ready, you will see different “Gigwalk jobs” that change dynamically depending on your geographical area and the gig’s availability.
  • If you are interested in a particular job, request to perform it and the customer will either allow you to do it, or decline your request.
  • If the customer/requester is satisfied, you will be paid after the staff reviews the completed task.

Can You Make Money with Gigwalk?

Some gigs may consist of the following: Asking a question to a business owner, finding out store hours, taking pictures of a business, getting more details from a restaurant menu, asking if a business is open on holidays and much more.

Basically, anything that you can physically do could potentially turn into a paying gig. The creativity involved here is limitless. That said, some of these gigs may or may not be your cup of tea. Thankfully you can choose from multiple jobs at any given time.

To answer the question at hand: Yes, you can make money to walk using Gigwalk, but the amount really depends on the task’s complexity and how long it takes to complete.

From my observations, the average gig pays anywhere from $3 to over $20. The money is deposited to your PayPal account, and such payment may take up to seven days.


To make the most out of Gigwalk, each customer will give you a review at the end of each completed gig. The more quality reviews you have, the better the chances at seeing new gigs as soon as they pop up. This, in turn, allows you to apply to them faster than anyone else and stay on top of your game.

Get Paid to Walk: Easy as it Sounds?

Well, yes and no. The best you can do is to take on Gigwalk jobs that are near you and won’t really make you go too out of your way (consider gas money, as well as making your way back during heavy traffic).

Overall, Gigwalk provides a neat way to make money walking and performing various odd jobs. I fully recommend you give this a try, especially if you are currently unemployed or need help supplementing your income while self-employed.

Have you tried Gigwalk? Can you share your experiences with it?