General interest blog / trivia writer

Questionist seeks a curious, enthusiastic freelancer to help write our new blog covering the trivia business and … whatever else is interesting. We’re a daily publication that lives on 500-word blog posts, and our coverage area truly is universal. In other words, we’re not looking for a fashion writer, or a food writer, or a sports writer; we’re looking for someone who’s equally comfortable covering all three, and everything else besides. We prefer timelier material, and stuff that’s outside of the standard western trivia canon.

Our parent company is Geeks Who Drink, America’s pub-quiz leaders since 2006. We’re 100% remote, and eminently flexible: our writers work on deadlines rather than at set hours.

What is Questionist?

At Geeks Who Drink, one of our core internal mantras is “Good trivia is for everyone.” It’s a feel-good thing to say, yes, but it’s also a fundamental truth that we’ve learned from years of experience: Regardless of background, all human beings all have a hunger for knowledge. It’s literally what makes us human! And Questionist is the purest way yet that we’ve expressed that fact.

As GWD’s editor for more than a decade, our CEO built a whole team of people who are absolute gluttons for knowledge. As Questionist editor, he’s doing it again now. As we trivia folk know all too well, the news cycle is a target-rich environment for the concept-hungry, and so that’s one of our aims: To be a friendly, funny explainer for as much of what’s happening in the headlines as we possibly can. Not useful, necessarily, but dang interesting anyhow.

Our other main purpose is to connect our readers to other lovers of knowledge-based entertainment – not just in the comments, but also by being a one-stop shop for information on other places where you can get your trivia freak on. If we’re doing our job right, readers will bookmark us because we have the latest on the new quiz show, mobile app, national tournament, crossword book, etc. In doing this, we hope to be a great advocate for the concept of knowledge-based entertainment as an industry.

Blog writer duties:

  • Pitch clever and interesting stories – again, about almost anything, but ideally pegged to something zeitgeisty or news-adjacent.
  • Take assignments from the editor and run with them.
  • “Run with them” means to research and write a 300- to 700-word article. In all, we’re looking for three such stories per week.
  • Contribute and adhere to our editorial strategy and publishing standards.

Compensation: $225 per week

Experience: At least three years writing and/or editing on deadline

To apply: Please submit a cover letter, resume, and at least three PDF samples of published work.

Geeks Who Drink is progressive-minded, and fully dedicated to equal employment opportunity. Good trivia is for everyone, remember? That means you!