Freelance Work: The 4 “A” Games of Independent Contracting vs Third Party Sites

For the last so many years, one of the biggest debates has been if it is better to get jobs through other websites or to be an independent contractor. I’m referring to working for content mills versus for direct clients.

Well, the independence of independent contracting offers writers a chance to establish themselves and attract a wider customer base. However, it can be energy draining when a writer pitches services to potential customers only to end up with regret emails or no response at all. On the other hand, there are a couple of things a writer benefits as an independent contractor.

  1. Clean Cash: I’m referring to straight cash from your client to your pocket. One of the biggest challenges of getting writing contracts through third parties is the small amount deducted from the hard earned money. If a person were to get $40 but made $32 after all the deductions, it would mean making $640/month versus earning $800/month.
  2. Easier to be Authoritative: Being authoritative means it’s easier to sell your skills with a particular kind of authority. It means you are an established brand, and it should leave little room for customers to second-guess your expertise. So if you run a website that sells particular writing services, it should be easier to pitch your services to clients because a website symbolizes authenticity and validity.
  3. The Freedom to Set Standards: One of the annoying things about Mills is that there are often too many bids offering great services but at a very low price. Therefore, you are often forced to bend backwards to accommodate the competition. Sadly, there is little you can do about it because everyone is in the business where most seem to run on a “small budget.” Otherwise, as an independent contractor you can quote your price and soon enough you will get a market that won’t mind it at all.
  4. High Chances of Taking a Lead: The only thing about Mills is that your reputation is often under the umbrella of the third-party site. So you will have fun building your name with your set of clients but no one in the world will know what you can do.Therefore, if you can step out of that crowd and establish a name for yourself, you will have an easier time spreading your “brand” around the world.

Therefore, working for Mills isn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it offers a great start for those who want to build a name and customer base. However, use the chances to work with third party sites to brand yourself but put more energy to run your website/blog page.