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  1. Richard Witt
    11/07/2017 @ 17:13 PM

    Great info. I’m on this journey right now. I have been doing a combo of freelancing and earning passive income on my blog. It is a slow and gradual process for sure. I like that I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule, too.

    • Kevin Ocasio
      11/15/2017 @ 15:15 PM

      Thanks for your comment, Rich. Nothing beats the flexibility passive earning gives us. I agree that earning passive income is a slow and gradual process, and I’m still far from where I wanna be in that area. I am sure we’ll get there soon though. Kudos to you and good luck to us!

    • Elvis Michael
      11/16/2017 @ 23:22 PM

      And thats the difference between working hard and working smart. You’re definitely working smart 😉


  2. Megan
    11/08/2017 @ 05:20 AM

    Great article, very helpful. Thanks for posting and sharing it. Creating variety of income source is very important if you want to get most out of your blog. It also creates opportunities to create new products and sell as part of your blog.

    • Kevin Ocasio
      11/15/2017 @ 15:16 PM

      Thanks for dropping by my post, Megan. Your comment is highly appreciated. Have a great day!

  3. Elvis Michael
    11/09/2017 @ 10:04 AM

    Passive income is a rather sensitive subject among marketers. Some believe there’s no such thing, simply because you have to maintain that income on occasion. In other words, an income is only passive if you don’t ever lift a finger to earn it (once said income is established).

    Thankfully, im not one of those believers. If that income comes gradually (irregularly) then that qualifies as passive, even if you DO have to lift your finger every now and then.

    Thanks, Kevin 🙂

    • Kevin Ocasio
      11/15/2017 @ 15:29 PM

      Well, Ill raise my glass to that. 🙂 I believe anything worth doing needs some kind of personal involvement, passive income or not. Any source of income or profit, no matter how lucrative, tends to fizzle out if left totally unattended. Same is true with passive income streams. You do have to lift a finger every now and then. Doing otherwise would be nothing short of negligent, and any business that’s neglected dies.

      Thanks for letting me do guest posts on this awesome site, Elvis. Hats off to you!


  4. Pedro
    11/12/2017 @ 17:24 PM

    Hi Kevin, Hi Elvis!

    Hey Kevin, nice to e-meet you 🙂
    Great post with some fantastic tips. At I am already applying a couple of them over at Astute Copy Blogging. Affiliate marketing is a huge source of our income and generally only recommend products/services that:
    1. We love
    2. Have a money back guarantee; and
    3. Have a great customer service
    I am hoping to publish a couple of eBooks in 2018.

    So, I will say: Yes, jumping from freelancing to earning passive income is definitely possible!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,


    • Kevin Ocasio
      11/15/2017 @ 15:32 PM

      Hi Pedro! Thank you so much for your kind comments. Good luck on the upcoming eBook. I just know it will turn out great!

      All the best,

    • Elvis Michael
      11/16/2017 @ 23:25 PM

      Sorry for the hugeeeeee wait, Pedro. I’ve been crazy busy, but it’s nice to see you again 🙂

      Im also in the process of launching a few ebooks, so 2018 looks to be quite the good (and optimistic) year for us both.

      Keep us posted,

  5. Susan Velez
    11/14/2017 @ 06:44 AM

    Hi Kevin,

    I am currently a WordPress freelancer who is in the process of moving away from freelancing. I am tired of trading hours for dollars.

    So I’ve been working on my blog on a part-time basis to grow it into a full-time business. I have no doubt that it will happen, it’s just going to take a lot of hard work.

    I personally think that affiliate marketing is the best way to get started. Once you start building up an audience, you can turn your energy to product creation.

    It takes time, but it’s definitely worth it.

    Thanks for sharing these tips have a great day 🙂


    • Kevin Ocasio
      11/15/2017 @ 15:35 PM

      Hi Susan!

      Thanks for your comment. I feel you. Freelancing gave me a good start as well, but just like you I eventually started feeling stifled towards the end.

      Good luck on your blog! All your hard work is bound to pay off very soon.

      Thanks again,


    • Elvis Michael
      11/16/2017 @ 23:26 PM

      It will DEFINITELY happen. Keep people like Pat Flynn in mind, along with many others for inspiration.

      Keep me posted on your progress, Susan 🙂