Five Types of Content You Could be Getting Paid to Write!

Writing jobs posted online have a tendency to fall within some pretty narrow parameters. In fact, there are three types of writing jobs that get posted more than any other.

  1. Blog writing
  2. Online article writing
  3. Review writing

While there is certainly nothing wrong with these, in fact, I get the bulk of my steady work in the first category, there are a lot of other types of writing you are likely overlooking that can be much more lucrative, and as I pointed out in my article on how to become a $100 an hour freelancer, have less competition.

So, what other types of writing can I get hired to do?

So, in no particular order, here are five types of writing you could do for money, good money, but may not have thought of. In some cases there is some mystery involved. But nevertheless, they are typically better paying, although not as likely to be regular and ongoing.

  • Website content writing. Yes, blogs are on websites, but I am talking about the services descriptions, about sections, etc.
  • Print articles. You may think you need to be a journalist, but seriously, pick up a new magazine a lot of the writing sucks!
  • Press releases. Many of these get posted as articles, but they are slightly different and pay really well!
  • Case Studies and white papers. In many industries, the case study is the best demonstration of what a company, or individual can do for a potential client. White papers are similar, but slightly more technical.
  • Ebook ghostwriting. This one is very lucrative, but can be hard to get into. Remember this though, the more you make per word, the less work you need to find!

Getting even one project in one of these categories can provide hundreds, or even thousands in income. They are not overly complicated and the needed skills can be learned for free with a little googling. Read more at