Finding A Good oDesk Client

Now that you have created a great profile on oDesk, and built up a portfolio, or in the very least, you have developed a good idea about the same, it is time to start hunting for your first job! This is where the excitement begins, it is officially time to test the waters! While finding your first job on oDesk is not easy, you can definitely improve the process by working with a great first client. This is crucial to help you succeed on oDesk. As I have mentioned earlier, oDesk is a very tough marketplace. You need to know what to look for before applying for a job if you don’t want to end up stuck writing 500 word articles for 90 cents a pop.

First of all, always look at the job description – read it extremely well. Make sure that you can fulfill the needs of the client. If you think you can, look at the job description a little more analytically. If a client has written a detailed description, in clear English, it is likely that the client is good at communication. This is key for any budding freelancer. If you have an experienced client (more on that later), it is helpful especially since you may not be familiar with the workings of oDesk. This can go a long way in ensuring familiarity with the system and doing your first job well.

Next take a minute to look at the money spent by the client to understand whether the client actually pays regularly or not. If a client has been on oDesk for two years and has spent over 10,000 dollars, you can safely assume that the client is serious about paying his or her freelancers. However, do not be fooled by this alone. Many bad clients too, spend a ton of money on freelancers on oDesk. You need to look at the other features discussed in the article to get a better handle on a good client.

Another important thing to notice on a client’s profile is the feedback received by him or her. Good feedback generally means that the client is pleasant to work with. Notice that I said generally and not always. This is because you also need to note the person giving the feedback. If the person giving the feedback is a freelancer with poor language skills and extremely low hourly rates, you may want to rethink applying to the job. This is simply because such freelancers will typically leave good feedback for terrible clients just to ensure that they get hired again.

The average hourly rate paid by the client is also a great indicator of his or her quality. Note the average hourly rate paid by a client and check if it is anywhere close to the rate you are demanding. If it is so, the client maybe a great match for you. However, during the interview process, you should clarify the amount of work expected from you every hour. One of the worst things about oDesk is that the client is the person controlling the number of hours you are allowed to work every week. Thus, if a client gives you a 2500 word assignment for a week and allots only 1 hour, it defeats the purpose of a good hourly rate.

Finally, be wary of clients offering lucrative hourly jobs, but in the job description, promising volume based payments. What I mean by this is that in order to attract eyeballs, clients may post a 20$ per hour article writing job and then, in the description, state that you will be paid only 5$ per 1000 word article.

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