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Sun rises on a Day in the Life of Mikey Freelancer
Sun rises on a Day in the Life of Mikey Freelancer

An Introduction to Part 1 in the Freelance Writing for Profit Blog series entitled a “Day in the Life”

I remember my first experience on a contentmill like it was yesterday even though it was over 5 years ago. The site was LondonBroker.net (AKA MyAMS) and even though their pay is still ridiculously laughable and  exactly what it was five years ago (LESS than a half of a cent per word), I thought I had hit the goldmine of freelance writing jobs when I first found myself picking through their selection of gigs on the bulletin board.

I had never experienced anything like it, and considering that I had spent the previous six months placing bid after useless bid on eLance.com and Freelancer.com, it was a goldmine when viewed through the naive-cloud covering my eyes. It didn’t take long for me to see that it contained more fool’s gold than anything of real value.

But that site did something far more important than the peanuts it paid. It firmly wedged my foot in the door of this crazy freelancing business and allowed me to hone my skills, learn some grammar, sharpen the old mental vocabulary lists and build my confidence in the written word while earning a few bucks along the way. It showed me that I could make money writing online, and it showed me that there was a lot more to the freelance writing business than just placing bids or writing for pennies (or less) per word.

Jobs through the LondonBrokers (MyAMS) site are known as UAWs, or Unique Article Wizard, which is really just a clever disguise to hide what amounts to a shitload of Drudgery with a capital D. A MyAMS UAW consists of one completely new article, typically 300, 400 or 500 words, covering the specified topic. Then, two more complete articles must be spun from the initial one. Essentially, that’s as much as 1,500 words for less than a half a cent per word.

Que laughter. Fan anger. Simmer in revulsion so thick that you’ll never be tempted to sell your soul for a writing job from this site.

Trust me, I’m an affiliate that makes money from each new writer I send MyAMS, but I’d rather forfeit that affiliate status, pay back the meager earnings I’ve gained from the souls I’ve cast into that Hell and even write a UAW500 about the latest celebrity gossip before sending even one more fellow freelancer to that site.

Now with that said and knowing that some of you are as hard-headed as I am, if you insist on checking it out, click this MyAMS link. Look, if you’re dead set on being a stubborn glutton for punishment, at least let me earn a buck or two from your misery. But don’t say that I failed to warn you.

Upon finding that fascist home of the UAW called MyAMS in those early years of my writing career, I had a literal Homer Simpson “DOH” moment that finally opened my eyes to all the possibilities available in the freelance writing business.

And don’t ask me why it took so long. I know how easy it is to find freelance writing opportunities… now. I don’t know why it was so hard for me to see that back then.

But at the time I simply didn’t realize all I had to do was utilize something a few of you may have heard of before called Google and search for “freelance writing jobs” or a dozen other phrases that would inevitably lead me to more lucrative opportunities.

Those months with MyAMS and the ultimate realization of a far larger world taught me the most important lesson that I’ve learned even after all these years:

Never stop searching for new ways to make money writing Online

And I have never stopped. Everyday to this day regardless of how many clients are placing content orders with me, I dedicate at least one hour to the client hunt or query letters or job boards or whatever other new way I dig up to land another paying project.

But that story  is for another “Day in the Life”. (Part 2 to be exact.)

This installment – the alpha post, the grandfather – is Part 1 in a “Day in the Life” and we follow our freelance writing hero as he settles into a job as an author for Textbroker: a contentmill similar to MyAMS but infinitely better yet not as good as some of the others.

We’ll call our hero Mikey Freelancer from here on out. Through our looking glass on the past, it seems that Mikey has been writing for Textbroker for about a year.

We’re going to observe him during a particularly stressful day and one that is, unfortunately, far too common. We’ll watch Mikey learn how to avoid the A-hole client, how to write efficiently and how to escape the contentmill trap among a number of other things.

Peppered throughout the story are great tips to help you get the most out of the Textbroker system and make as much money writing online as you can while, hopefully, limiting the amount of headaches and stress you’ll have to face from the freelance writing business in general.

At the end of Mikey’s day on Textbroker, you’ll recognize the contentmill for what it is, a great place to start but not your final destination by half. You’ll also learn several different “Processes that Kill It” so that you can write and earn as efficiently as possible.

Throughout the story, you’ll discover dozens of first-hand insights from our hero Mikey Freelancer himself. After it’s all said and done, Part 1 in a “Day in the Life” should help you to be a better all-around Web writer with several new skills and a ton of fresh knowledge under your belt and primed to help you find as much success in the freelance writing business as you can handle.

Ready for the full story? Read the entire Part 1 in a “Day in the Life” of Mikey Freelancer and join the discussion in the comment section here on WriterTown or on the Freelance Writing for Profit Blog.

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