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  1. mcdice18967
    11/17/2015 @ 05:36 AM

    I would recommend it to others.

  2. Ian R Thorpe
    02/06/2016 @ 11:50 AM

    I was invited to join Blasting News by the ‘country manager’ for UK, a lady named Morwenna. It’s always flattering to be approached and as I’ve been a fan of King Arthur stories since I was a kid (more years than I care to remember) I couldn’t resist repsoding positively to someone named Morwenna. So I decided to give it a go, although I took the claim about earning with a pinch of salt.

    I had problems publishing my first contribution, a story about Plane Stupid, a group protesting against the expansion of London’s Heathrow Airport. I could not submit the article because the automated moderation system said the same keywords had been used in other titles.

    After succesfully publishing several articles I tried to post one on the “Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” which is being negotiated between the EU and USA. I mentioned “Christina Malmstrom, the EU Trade Commissioner” in connection with the terms of the treaty. both the phrases enclosed in quotation marks showed up as duplicate content violations.
    Other ‘duplicate content’ was not in fact duplication but merely similar to other sites as it had reported factual details. What are writers mean to do, change the facts? Omit important details?

    I wouldn’t say Blasting News is a dishonest site (although its potential earning claims are not realistic) but for people wanting to write serious news reports it is one to sidestep. Not only is the AI moderator over zealous, I also found the 4000 character length limit very restrictive and certain other rules annoying and irrelevant.

    (Footnote: When I checked the alleged duplication with my own duplicate content checker (I used to moderate for a writing site that did not pay but did not like duplication or bad writing) I found on the only site named by Blasting news there was no actual duplication but the Blasting News system had identified as duplicated significant chunks of different text between keywords both I and the other site had used because they are vital to the story. In writing news / opinion pieces opinions may differ significantly but one must stick to the facts.)
    Blasting News do not have any appeals procedure

  3. FukushimaWatch
    04/28/2016 @ 22:47 PM

    Having read your article, I’ve decided not to go with Blasting News. Still, I enjoyed your article, it was so easy to read! Your writing style is “style is passive, conversational, humorous (yet) conservative” as well as informative. Well done!

  4. Rajat Dey
    09/09/2016 @ 12:08 PM

    This article will really help me to understand the basic of blastingnews. And also the calculation of income can be generated through page views.Thanks a lot… .

  5. Jesse Broadt
    09/14/2016 @ 20:12 PM

    I built up a significant amount of money with Blasting News and suddenly they told me my “clicks” were “abnormal”, accused me of committed fraud, and subsequently stole over $300 from me that I had coming. Steer clear. I am a respected author and am much more concerned about the accusations and defamation of character than I am the lousy $300.

  6. John
    09/15/2016 @ 22:30 PM

    Blasting News did not pay me for April, May or June of 2016 where my articles had around 1 million social hits per month according to google analytics and the Blasting News dashboard. I was not paid around $20,000 for my writing efforts of around 50-60 articles per month during April, May and June. I was given the “Golden Pen” award April and May and told I was doing fantastic work, but then denied payment without any proof my traffic was unnatural. I lost 3 months of my life working for Blasting News without pay.

  7. Jesse Broadt
    09/17/2016 @ 23:23 PM

    I am currently in legal wrangling with Blasting News, as they owe me almost $400 they are refusing to pay. I have since connected with 17 other writers who have had this experience. If I found 17 on my own you can bet that is the tip of the iceberg. Avoid this company like the plague

    • John McCormick
      03/25/2017 @ 16:44 PM

      I don’t doubt your problem and concerns, but I’ve been writing for Blasting US and UK for several months and the check cleared -that is, after 6 articles I was being followed by the manager in the UK and after a score was offered a month long contract – I was paid nearly $1,000 promptly. In the US there was a brief time when they tested a new system paying everyone $10 for every story, then reduced to $5, but paid automatically each week. Got those payments and some of those stories are still earning more, the $10 and $5 were guaranteed minimums and paid promptly. They are very picky about possible use of dummies to promote stories and that could probably happen even if it wasn’t true but triggered some algorithm. Of course, I’m a professional journalist with 38 year’s membership in The National Press Club, but I was promoted to direct publishing (no editor) very quickly.

      Your mileage may vary as they say, but I’ve had no problem except with over enthusiastic editors who care more about commas than news. Also, I had one tell me to use Grammarly – I had and double checking Grammarly found zero errors in that story.

      I’m not warning people away from Blasting, just advising caution. I even started a linkedin forum for blasters to discuss problems and suggestions. I think the biggest thing writers can do is form small groups who rate each other’s stories every time. Reading the notes I get from Blasting it appears that they expect that sort of thing – certainly in Brazil they seem to do so. I always try to rate stories from anyone when they begin following me. I’ve been published about 18,000 times and wrote 9 non-fiction books – 5 with major publishers.

      Best of luck to any who try out Blasting.

      Jesse, I’d very much like to know what reasons they give for not paying you. Either here or on my linkedin blaster forum.

  8. Gnaius
    12/01/2016 @ 18:43 PM

    This video made by an employee of blasting news… explains the hell.


    • Elvis Michael
      12/01/2016 @ 19:37 PM

      Although certain things were senseless, i cant help but find this absolutely hilarious, LOL.

      “Google started in a **** garage!!!!”

      Thanks for sharing!

  9. Tony Parton
    12/09/2016 @ 08:15 AM

    I started writing for them. They have different editors during the day and the one in the evening is totally picky. I’m also wondering if there are not political motives behind the stories they pull out. You only get to submit your story twice, so it very much depends on the Editors being thorough in the first instance when it comes to them checking your work. especially if this is all new to you If you;ve just spent 2 hours working and they tell you it needs a word spelled correctly then you send it and they send it back saying that your spacing is wrong, you make the change and they don’t publish it because there was a comma in the wrong place yu get pretty pissed pretty quickly. You find yourself working for a whole month on one story and if the article above was right and I can expect about $21-22 per article published, it’s too much for too little just like everything else.

    • Elvis Michael
      12/09/2016 @ 10:20 AM

      Thats interesting. I havent written for them since writing this article, so maybe a lot has changed. I did gain the ability to publish without much moderation though, so maybe that led to them being less strict with me.

  10. John McCormick
    03/02/2017 @ 06:24 AM

    I’m a 50-year professional and member of The National Press Club. I quickly (very quickly) got a nice offer and ran up some bonuses which generated a significant income for someone who is semi-retired. They are changing all the time but all the changes or almost all the changes mean more money for the best writers even if they don’t have a lot of viewers to begin. Bottom line, yes, they do pay real money. If you are interested I’ve begun a Blaster LinkedIn site (blasting news reporters contributors) just for writers and anyone interested to learn and share more. It is NOT affiliated with the company in any way. I write for both UK and US blasting. BTW, everyone signed up is listed as editorial staff.

  11. John McCormick
    03/04/2017 @ 15:54 PM

    Perhaps I should ad that you have to sign up to write or even comment or rate stories, but I haven’t found that generates much spam, just an occasional encouraging message or notice of a bonus period.