10 Content Tools to Improve & Inspire Your Copywriting Skills

Copywriting has emerged as a vital skill in the digital era, and it’s largely due to the way market dynamics have changed.

Copywriters create content that has a specific purpose (mostly promotional). But among the numerous people out there advertising countless products, what could possibly make your copy unique? Some of it is pure skill, but a large part of it is using the right tools. Thus, using the appropriate ones can improve your copyrighting skills and increase your reach.

Most of us might assume that copywriting is a lucrative job — and with the right approach, it is. In the present web-enabled world, this skill makes better sense in most industries and a copywriter’s work often becomes the primary venue in promoting a product.

1. Twords

Great writers are those who remain punctual, and this is where Twords comes in as an excellent tool that motivates you to write more. It keeps track of the days you have written, finds patterns in your work and gives you reminders to keep you writing more. As such, Twords is a great tool to keep you in a writing mood.

2. BuzzSumo.com

If you would like to get all the blog posts that have gone viral in a single click, then BuzzSumo.com is for you. The website first requires you to come up with a keyword to fill the search space. For instance, if you type in the term ‘content marketing’, you will see around 3316+ results with a number of shares on social media along with backlink details. This is an amazing tool to use if you are struggling with a topic or wish to know how to approach an idea.

3. SEMrush

This could be the best keyword research tool if you understand how to use it. You can get quick information about competitors, shared keywords and traffic-related details. In fact, the free version is prominent because of its large amount of accessible features. All in all, SEMrush is a treasure trove of data.

4. Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Headline Optimizer is the best word tool for copywriters in print media and web promotional content writing. This tool allows you to find unique headlines which are generally not used anywhere on the web. Dedicating some time to headline creation is vital, and this is where Headline Optimizer thrives.

5. Blog Topic Generator

One cannot ignore a tool that offers better title suggestions, as this is where many copywriters get struck. Sometimes creating the material is easier than finding an apt title; if you have too many unnecessary keywords or just can’t come up with a good headline, this free tool holds the potential to help you.

6. HelpMeWrite.co

This is a better way to make sure whether your audience would prefer one topic over another. Create a profile, post your ideas, and fellow readers would provide you with feedback and personal preferences. One shot at this can help you with unlimited blog posts.

Update: This now appears to be suspended. Check back in the future to see if the website is restored.

7. Twinword Writer

Twinword Writer is a free online paraphrasing tool, naturally ideal for the average blogger and avid copywriter. Simply type away and gradually rewrite certain sentences without changing their meaning. A handy thesaurus can never be a bad thing.

8. Spinbot

Spinbot, much like an article or reword generator, is used to get more ideas and make your content unique.

9. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor helps you spot difficult sentences. Longer sentences usually create wordiness and passive voice usage is not recommended. Not all writers/readers have the time to absorb every word, after all. All in all, this editor greatly helps improve your content’s readability score.

10. Articoolo

Articoolo is a recommended free tool for web-based copywriters to get instant, unique articles. Use it to create a new piece on the web page itself or ask Articoolo to rewrite it instantly. While you shouldn’t rely 100% on such services, at least you can use this lightly along with your own natural skills.

These content-based tools can be a great assistant in times of need. From title generation to sensational keyword usage, these make your copywriting job just a little bit easier in the long-run.