Antonio Tooley

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  1. Ryan Biddulph
    06/22/2017 @ 19:06 PM

    Hi Antonio,

    #4. I write 1000 words daily, minimum, and usually hit 5K. Now it is for publishing but for years it was for practice, in a Word document, in private. Practice in private guys. And your writing game will improve quickly. Big fan of early morning hours too for writing and networking. When I get my lazy butt up LOL.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Elvis Michael
      06/23/2017 @ 15:51 PM

      For one reason or another, certain comments will land in the Spam section. Thankfully i tend to check it every now and then (dont know whats up with that!)

      But yes Ryan, I hear you on that one. I used to write thousands of words on most days, and it felt wonderful. Im trying to get back to that, but ive been excessively busy between random work and general blog maintenance. Needless to say, i tend to use YOU for motivation. I often think to myself, “Ryan does this quite naturally, and so will I” 🙂

      Keep inspiring

      • Kimsea Sok
        06/26/2017 @ 00:30 AM

        Elvis, I’m the same to you. I’ve been following Ryan for a while.

        You know what? I’m trying to build a writing habit with 1000 words a day, but own an illness–I’m scare of writing. I’ve received some critics those hurt me so much.

        Whatever, Ryan keeps me motivation so I can continue writing blog post. I’ve around 15 books of him in my Kindle library.

  2. Elvis Michael
    06/23/2017 @ 15:54 PM

    Antonio, I admit i was never a big fan of reading. But i DO look up new words every now and then, which certainly helps.

    As far as being an early bird, I find myself being VERY productive by getting up 30 -45 minutes earlier from time to time.

    Thanks for contributing!

  3. Rich Witt
    06/23/2017 @ 18:47 PM

    Excellent points. I’ve been finding the morning to be the most productive time for me. I actually get up pretty early – usually between 5:30 and 6, but it takes me a while to “get going.” I will start off with some mindless stuff like social media and then I’ve found my most productive thinking/blogging time is 9-10:30, so I reserve time for that whenever possible. Then, I do a burst from 11 to 11:30 and then I feel like my day is off to a strong start.

  4. Darlene
    06/25/2017 @ 20:15 PM

    Mornings are good on the weekend. Through the week I am frantic to get to work in the mornings.

  5. Kimsea Sok
    06/26/2017 @ 00:50 AM

    LOL! Antonio, when saw the word earlier bird, I spent a minute laugh in front of your post.

    To be honestly, my earlier morning is 9pm and I will addition an hour for reading ebook at the coffee shop so usually I start writing around 10am. I agree writing in the morning is more effective as I used reach over 500 to 1000 at the coffee shop.

    I cannot disagree what you said. you write better unless you can speak more word. Improving vocabulary is an common and essential for enhance writing. I’ve install dictionary extension on my Chrome browser so I can check the definition with double click the work.

    Thanks for sharing..

  6. Kishor Kr
    07/03/2017 @ 09:19 AM

    Very useful and relevant points. Except for the handwritten journal part, I am already following rest of the points. A fresh morning start certainly works for me. I’ve noticed that in morning not only creativity is at best, the mood is fresh and thus able to write more than I would have at any other time of the day. And, without a doubt practice makes one better, be it anything. Thank for the great article.

    • Elvis Michael
      07/06/2017 @ 15:03 PM

      Agreed. Although everyone works differently, I personally find myself MUCH more productive in the morning. I have since started to get up 30-45 minutes earlier to accomplish even more work.


  7. Rishabh Mishra
    08/01/2017 @ 03:58 AM

    I also agree morning is the best time to write when the whole atmosphere is cool and pleasant