How to Promote Your First Book

Every book needs promotion unless it’s a bestseller of a world-known author. If you’re a future pen wizard, sooner or later, you will face the question of how to promote your first brainchild in the most effective, effortless and profitable way.

To ease your promotion routine a little bit, Lucy Adams, one of the greatest essay writers from BuzzEssay, collected the most valuable tips on how to make the world interested in your new but very intriguing work of art.

#1 Reviews

Until the moment your first book appears to readers, you need to get positive feedback to provide people with some information about yourself and your creature. Besides, it will give you the opportunity to correct the text before putting the book into print.

You do not need to collect feedback from a large number of people. Five to seven mini-reviews from the major representatives of your niche will be enough. However, you should know that the correct definition of the target group is one of the major components of your future success. If you write about some business, be sure to get the reviews of top entrepreneurs.

Ideally, you should get feedback not only from the business sharks but also from journalists. Well, many of the last are vain, so there won’t be a problem (why refuse to see your name on the cover of another book?).

Please pay attention to the issue of confidentiality, i.e. the protection of your copyrights. Of course, you will worry when sending your book to strangers for review. In such cases, you need to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement and send only a part of the text.

#2 Foreword

In fact, the foreword is VIP reviews written by well-known and popular personalities. Getting this sort of feedback may be a tough challenge. You will have to adjust to the schedule of famous people, meet their requirements, endure their criticism, and make changes according to the recommendations of the powers that be.

However, all the efforts will benefit your product and bring even more attention to it.

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#3 Print Media

Despite the prevailing opinion that the era of the print media is coming to an end, journalists will never disappear. So please don’t underestimate the importance of the reviews received from the venerable pen sharks.

#4 Reviews in Comments on Top Websites

Do not be lazy in communicating with potential readers on the websites where you’ve announced your first book. To start, you can hire a few copywriters to boost the discussion process.

Moreover, it is not necessary to focus only on positive reviews for the same reason of unnaturalness. Be sure to include constructive criticism.

#5 Video Feedback

Such feedback allows you to reach the maximum audience. The main source is YouTube. Also, make sure you’ve interlinked all of the promotion platforms so the user is able to pass by a link and order the book once he has watched the video.


#6 Rigid Interview

A rigid interview is slightly more difficult than recording video testimonials from your readers. To record the interview, you need to hire a journalist and prepare a list of questions for him. The tougher your conversation will flow, the more attention it will attract.

#7 Distribution

So what do you do after your book is printed?

At first, you need to get at least 100 copies of the book. Negotiate in advance on the issue of how many books you leave for yourself. Why do you need as many as 100 pieces?

At every opportunity, you have to distribute your work to the VIPs of your niche. You can send it by courier, through secretaries, assistants, friends, and acquaintances. Deliver it as a present, gift, bonus, in gratitude and reverence, etc. The main thing is that your book falls into the hands of those people who can really help in its distribution by the recommendations and advertisements among their entourage.

In many cases, you won’t get any feedback and will never know these people’s feedback. However, such a promotion will give you rumors and conversations that eventually will serve for the good promotion of your personal brand.

#8 Online Stores and Your Personal Website

You mustn’t limit yourself only to the release of the print version. You need to sell it in an electronic form, placing a book in the online stores too.

Click here to read about the best online stores.

Ideally, your first book should have its own website. However, you can restrict it with a post to your personal blog or other available resources.

You do not need to personally carry out communication with all your subscribers, but you do need to regularly post interesting paragraphs, quotations and other materials from the book that will heat the interest of the public and attract new readers.

#9 Translation

By translating the book, you dramatically increase the number of readers and enhance the status of your work. You take it to a completely different level. After all, your ultimate task is to make the book recognizable and desirable among the largest possible number of readers. And there’s no better means to achieve this than to translate your writing into other (popular) languages.


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