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Catch the fashion?, and your makeup needs to be brighter? Yes, for example, some people look darker when they wear black clothes, so work on your makeup, use deep blush, lipstick to bring out the rosy complexion, in fact, wearing the wrong color, Even with the right makeup colors, it still looks sluggish. 3. Does every clothing color or makeup color make you look great? The answer to this question is always no. Only your own set of colors will make you stand out. After you fully understand your own colors, you will have more than 30 kinds of colors for you to choose. This set of colors will save you a lot of time and money, and you'll never buy the wrong thing again. Strange corsetplus sizedog shopspajaponikabebekitchen gadgetsfuntimevegas say, this new idea of ??color is contagious and affects everyone around you, and everyone will be amazed at your transformation and how beautiful you are. 4. When can you give someone the best first impression

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