About Banner Advertising

Listiller Audience:

Freelance writers (primary audience)
People looking for side income (primary audience)
Bloggers / solopreneurs (secondary audience)

Quick Overview

  • Wide banners appear toward the top of all articles; rectangles appear on sidebars
  • Banners appear on Listiller.com and AllFlexJobs.com
  • Banners can be either text-based, or graphics/images
  • You may place either type, or both
  • You get a monthly (basic) stats report from Google Analytics

Extended Overview

In-article banners (wide) appear above the fold, just before the article body.


Display Technique

Important: Every banner occupies the same space. Your banner will rotate alongside other published banners at random.

In other words:

  • A random banner displays with each page refresh
  • A random banner displays for every visitor
  • As a result, your banner exposure may increase as more articles are published

Banner Sizes

Wide banner: Roughly 715 x 100 – give or take a few pixels

Rectangle banner: Roughly 336 x 250 – give or take a few pixels

How to Submit Your Banner

  1. Sign up to the Listiller ‘Ultimate’ package
  2. Email your banner(s) to Hello@Listiller.com and allow up to 48 hours processing time.

Are you a company with many clients and bulk needs? Email Hello@Listiller.com to talk further.

Banner Creation Resources

  • Myecovermaker.com
  • Gimp
  • MS Paint (simplicity works wonders)

Have fun!