About Banner Advertising

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Listiller Audience:

Freelance writers (primary audience)
People looking for side income (primary audience)
Bloggers / solopreneurs (secondary audience)

Quick Overview

  • You may place wide / rectangle banners simultaneously (one of each, maximum)
  • Wide banners appear toward the top of most pages; rectangles appear on sidebars
  • Banners appear on Listiller.com and/or AllFlexJobs.com
  • Banners can be text-based,  graphics, or both.
  • You get a monthly (basic) stats report from Google Analytics

Extended Overview

Wide banners appear above the fold, just before the main body. They appear on Listiller and AllFlexJobs.com.

Rectangles are shown on the sidebar and (currently) appear only on Listiller. This is subject to change.

As previously stated, you may place both wideandrectangle banners at the same time. No more than two entries allowed at this time.


Display Technique

Please Note: Every banner occupies the same space. Your banner will rotate alongside other published banners at random.

In other words:

  • A different banner may appear with each page refresh (on the same spot as yours)
  • A random banner displays for every visitor
  • As a result, your banner exposure generally increases as more articles are published

Banner Sizes

Wide banner: Roughly 715 x 100 – give or take a few pixels

Rectangle banner: Roughly 336 x 250 – give or take a few pixels

How to Submit Your Banner

  1. Sign up to the Listiller ‘Ultimate’ package
  2. Email your banner(s) to Hello@Listiller.com and allow up to 48 hours processing time.

Are you a company with many clients and bulk needs? Email Hello@Listiller.com to talk further.

Banner Creation Resources

  • Myecovermaker.com
  • Gimp
  • MS Paint (simplicity works wonders)

Note: This is currently unavailable to members.

Have fun!