Richard Nolan

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  1. Elvis Michael
    07/27/2017 @ 13:47 PM

    Thanks for the tips! #5 really helps me, as I hit the gym everyday before work and feel more productive overall.

    Procrastination is such a huge, ongoing issue for many of us. I can be especially guilty…

    I recently started using an online timer in order to work (and break) in “relaxed” intervals. But instead of giving myself tight deadlines (such as 30 minutes to write 500 words) I give myself a much bigger window…

    For example, five hours to finish an entire article and take some breaks in between — whenever I choose.

    As long as I finish within that time window, I consider it a success while not feeling pressured. Consider this a relaxed form of the Pomodoro technique, if you will.

    Timer link:


  2. Patrick
    07/28/2017 @ 13:29 PM

    I really need to bookmark and essentially live by this guide. Procrastination is so prevalent in today’s world it’s hard to even realize when you’re doing it. I appreciate the post, especially the part about having a physical activity. Without one you will surely burn yourself out.

  3. devry
    08/06/2017 @ 05:53 AM

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    I appreciate your effort.