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  1. Joyce Anderson
    03/22/2016 @ 15:55 PM

    Love your point about creating processes. Any business will benefit from having standard procedures documented and available. As a solopreneur wearing every hat in your business, you should make it your goal to be “replaced” – one task group at a time, so you can focus more on the creative and visionary aspects instead. Creating processes is the way to get to that space of freedom and leadership.

    • Elvis Michael
      03/29/2016 @ 20:53 PM

      PPC is by far the scariest one to consider, as you could easily lose your money without gaining any results. It’s important to track, analyze, and test every single thing about your campaign.

      Once things finally click, people often report making passive income with this method; far more money comes in than the money that goes out, and they don’t need to work the campaign as much anymore.

      • Zoey-Red LeFey
        03/30/2016 @ 01:04 AM

        Hi Elvis!
        Thank you for commenting! Once you understand how and where to promote PPC advertising, it is not so scary. One of the most basic and still the most powerful tools to drive traffic to a website are the use of PPC advertisements. PPC advertisements are still a highly focused and economical way to drive qualified traffic to your website. They can be the single best traffic generation you have, if you use them wisely!

    • Zoey-Red LeFey
      03/30/2016 @ 00:51 AM

      Hello Joyce,
      Thank you for an encouraging comment!

  2. Obodo Charles
    03/28/2016 @ 12:06 PM

    Hi Zoey-Red,
    This is a great write-up, you made some excellent points in the article, the second point “take action” is where a lot of people miss it, people read a lot of stuff but most times fail to take action, it’s a critical point where a lot of people give up their dreams. Overcoming this hurdle is vital to success in any online business. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article, nice job, thanks.

    • Zoey-Red LeFey
      03/30/2016 @ 00:55 AM

      Hi Obodo,
      Taking action in your business is vital to your success. I am glad that my article was beneficial to you!:)