4 Productivity Tools Every Freelancer Must Have

If you are self-employed, then you are probably doing several different jobs all at the same time. In addition to doing whatever it is that your business is focused on, you also need to worry about accounts, marketing and general administration. These are all things which can place a significant demand on your time.

The good news is that there are some great productivity tools out there which will make the day to day running of your business easier, here is a few of our favorites.


This handy tool lets you snap photographs of your receipts, making keeping track of day to day expenses much easier. The information on the receipts will be processed and recorded in electronic format so you can easily generate reports.


Sidekick is a tool that tells you when your emails are opened, and help you keep track of ongoing conversations. It is great for people who do a lot of their work via email, and is far more powerful than a standard read receipt.


Wrike is a team-based, powerful to-do list tool that is also really useful for people who are working alone. You can save web addresses or parts of pages, define tasks, and assign them to specific days. If you struggle to prioritize an ever-growing list of jobs, then this is the perfect way to combat that.


Pushbullet is the ultimate notification and feed reader tool. Do you need to keep up to date with the latest news in your job? Do you need to control multiple social media feeds? Do you work on more than one device? If so, Pushbullet gets your projects to flow and makes sure that you are always in the know.

If you’re self-employed then you’re probably doing a number of different jobs all simultaneously. Again, these are things which can place a substantial demand on your time and effort.

The good news is that we now have some great efficiency tools out there, as explained above, which can help your business run a bit easier. All of the above tools are available in free trial format , and some have premium options for power users.

What are some of your favorite productivity tools for freelancers? Be sure to share them below.