SEO Content Writer [Freelance]

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We’re seeking talented freelance writers to join our overflow roster.

Let’s start by ensuring you check all the boxes we list below:

First box: You are a good writer.

Your work is grammatically correct.
Your ideas are well-formed and well-organized.
Your sentences are clear and succinct.
Second box: You have a working knowledge of SEO.

You understand the goal of search engine optimization (SEO).
You know the importance of keywords in SEO.
You understand the impact SEO content can have on a website’s visibility.
You know how to use keywords effectively.
You use keywords in a natural way.
Third box:You prioritize research.

You evaluate the top-performing pages in search for your set of keywords.
You explore topics you’re unfamiliar with.
You use trustworthy sources.
Fourth box: You focus on what the reader wants to know.

You allow the search intent of the keywords to guide you.
You understand the reader’s pain points.
You use the proper tone to engage the reader.
Fifth box: You can format copy for the web.

You know how to create scannable text.
You use an inverted pyramid.
You put mobile users first.
Sixth and final box: You’re reliable and you meet deadlines.

BONUS (Preferred): You have experience writing for lawyers.

Pay: We offer project-based pay based on our quality standards and the complexity of the topic.


Related:400+ writing and editing gigs daily