Writer for Financial Newsletter – Up to $100/Piece

The Bull Market Report at BullMarket.com is hiring. We are a 23-year-old financial newsletter company with many subscribers, most of whom have been with us for decades, as we have made them so much money.

We recommend stocks designed to outperform the overall stock market. We need you to write short News Flashes of 300 words, as well as our bi-weekly Newsletter, in which we cover 14 stocks every two weeks. The short paragraphs about each stock are 200-250 words each. Also, we do Research Reports of 1200-1500 words. If this position works out, it is possible to obtain equity in the company.

We have seven Portfolios: Stocks for Success, Aggressive, Special Opportunities, High Yield, High Technology, Healthcare and REIT, holding no more than 60 stocks.

Our favorite companies are Apple, Shopify, Square, Amazon, PayPal, Twilio, Microsoft, ARK Innovation, TEsla and Affirm. We are not traders, but suggest that our subscribers invest for the long term.

When we hear from you we will send you copies of recent Newsletters, News Flashes and Research Reports.

Please do not send in a resume of longer than one page. But please include a few samples of your writing.


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