Write Tweets / Instagram Posts for Influencers – $2000 – $6000 Per Month

We do the writing for large influencers. We need ghost writers who can write on behalf of them for their story and feed posts, so you must be on the cutting edge of the vibe and engagingness.

Hiring multiple writers. We run the pages for extremely popular influencers, if your good we will hire you long term at extremely good monthly rate.

You could be writing the tweets, instagram stories, captioning directly onto pics, writing scripts for the influencers to follow (we guide their content), as well as doing research to bring to the table cutting edge tactics / writing styles / lingo / & personality to best boost the performance of the influencers.

We prefer the best of the best, but we are quick to identify skill when we see it so anyone can apply and be vetted. People with sales skills included with copywriting skills wanted. If your good at baiting people (curiosity baiting, emotional baiting, shock baiting) to help engage viewers to funnel to our influencers products links, you go to the front of the line! Sales and psychology and craftiness skills is MOST IMPORTANT.