Dota 2 Writer (Video Game)

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Do you live and breathe Dota 2? Can you write creatively and deliver content of the highest quality on time? Would you like to work with a great team of gaming fanatics at one of the biggest tournament organizers in the world? Here’s your chance.

WePlay! Esports is looking to bring on a Dota 2 writer who can also help out the Social Media team with small tasks such as proofreading or idea generation.

What we’re looking for:

  • A Dota 2 enthusiast, you know the Meta, the itemization, and follow the esports industry closely
  • A gifted writer, you’re able to break down strategies, analyze professional play, and come up with unique ideas for content
  • A planner, you’re willing to focus on what’s ahead and prioritize
  • A native English speaker, you know the language of gamers and are able to communicate effectively with them
  • A university graduate or someone with 1-2 years of experience writing about Dota 2
  • A person able to deliver high-quality content on time, all the time
  • A team player, your main focus is on Dota 2 but you’re willing to help the team with tasks that require a native English speaker’s voice
  • Able to occasionally work nights and weekends, especially during big events

What we offer:

  • Full-time, paid work in the professional esports industry
  • A large audience to help you grow your personal brand
  • Potential to attend events, including Minors and Majors
  • Skill growth and learning from some of the most experienced minds in esports
  • Interaction with professional teams and players
  • A flexible schedule, work as fast as you’d like as long as the daily requirements are met and the quality of the work meets expectations
  • Remote work, write from anywhere there’s an internet connection


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