Bethany Wood

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  1. Elvis Michael
    10/05/2018 @ 09:40 AM

    This is certainly a controversial approach, Bethany (starting low instead of aiming for the good-paying clients). It definitely goes against the advice of most freelancers, but the important thing is that you developed your own way of doing things — and apparently it’s worked out pretty damn well.

    Thanks for sharing your story 🙂


  2. Bethany Wood
    10/22/2018 @ 02:39 AM

    Thanks Elvis! You’re right.

    Now I realize, the entire journey was a lot of fun. Once you build a trust score, client retention becomes relatively simpler. And, you start enjoying workload (not just from Upwork or Fiverr), but also from your previous clients. That’s the real win!

  3. Moss Clement
    10/25/2018 @ 04:58 AM

    Hi Bethany & Elvis,
    It’s a good thing to start from somewhere as the saying goes, but it also great to aim high. Why? Because you definitely will pay the bills. But as a newbie freelance writer, you might not get a high-paying client from the start, so the best option is to work for the low-paying clients because it will help you build you portfolio and improve you skills. The you’ve acquire a reasonable credibility from your clients, then you can increase your rates. For example, I start writing a 1,000 word article for $50, but today my rates are up, well up.

  4. Bethany Wood
    10/26/2018 @ 13:26 PM

    To the point and right commercial approach to get a start…. Thanks Moss for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Sathish Arumugam
    11/13/2018 @ 07:17 AM

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  6. Emmanuel Chidiebube
    11/15/2018 @ 18:45 PM

    You’ve got a great content, Bethany.

    People that give such flimsy excuse as their reason for not starting their freelance writing career are either lying or simply uniformed.

    I love how you explained each step.

  7. Mike Hennesy
    04/09/2019 @ 04:33 AM

    I wish I wrote it first :).Thank you.Do you write for Upmixed, ocasionally?Maybe just coincidence with the same name…
    best rgrds: Mic