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  1. Lisa Sicard
    08/17/2016 @ 06:54 AM

    Hi Elvis, I used to do okay with Sponsored Tweets but they got too nichy and it wasn’t related to my topics. I’d love to find something else similiar to that. That is amazing what Kris has done. Love it! Thanks for sharing the story with us and inspiring us to do something creative.

    • Elvis Michael
      08/27/2016 @ 17:45 PM

      Sorry to hear they got overly niche on you. Kris’ following seems pretty diverse, but I guess people are still paying him due to the millions upon millions of people he has at this point — including several celebrities.

      Thankfully there’s plenty of interesting topics out there, especially if give them a “fun” factor (think infographics or interesting statistics, for instance).

      Best of luck!

  2. Marlene Affeld
    08/17/2016 @ 22:33 PM

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on making money on Twitter.

  3. Ryan Biddulph
    09/11/2016 @ 10:09 AM

    Hi Elvis,

    The power of specializing your tweets, right? This is a call to get more niche specific for me, if only to hyper target my travel blogging following a wee bit more.

    500K is nothing to sneeze at. He grew that number by not caring about money until his following expanded quickly and it was targeted too.

    Neat share.


    • Elvis Michael
      09/14/2016 @ 15:44 PM

      Absolutely. Twitter was nothing more than a hobby to this guy at first. Little did he know this “hobby” would make him a millionaire in just a few short years.

      Always good to hear from you, bud. Hope things are well down there with the monkeys and the birds :p

  4. RunningRyan
    09/26/2016 @ 19:29 PM

    I’m honestly finding all these articles and responses more and more intriguing. I’m grateful to be part of the community, in a way I suppose, but there’s always two sides to money making. Sometimes there’s thousands of sides to it.
    My assessment so far has been countless hours, stress, research, anxiety, fear and more often than not painstaking effort with no promise of reward. Like twitter, I’ve followed a great deal of Youtube names that have made it big, and some that have not at all, there’s no guarantee, no easy quick access to large sums of money.
    All that said though, I always did wonder how and why these “random facts” trends started, looks like this guy was an early pioneer, and was Lucky enough to make it big whilst doing so.


  5. Tom Woods
    03/21/2017 @ 12:31 PM

    HI Elvis,

    Stumbled upon this article and gosh what a great piece of information you have posted. This is simply just very inspiring as it shows that if a task is done with dedication then something great is on the way.
    Very useful way of keeping audience engaged with really interesting random facts.

    Thanks for sharing !!

  6. Sunny Onos
    05/10/2017 @ 17:32 PM

    I am very impress with this informative piece.I have discovered a lot of facts from it which I will start applying them.
    Thanks for this lovely piece Elvis.

  7. Nisha Garg
    05/11/2017 @ 17:00 PM

    Nice Post and thanks for sharing the interesting information with us. I would love to try your method and it’s quite interesting one.

  8. Aryan
    06/13/2017 @ 05:55 AM

    That is a great piece of information Elvis. I will definitely try my hands on the ideas that you have given. It would be great to earn through social networks 🙂
    BTW your style of writing is too good and keeps the reader engaged throughout the read. Kudos!!!

    • Elvis Michael
      06/17/2017 @ 20:27 PM

      You’re too kind 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading!

      Now go kick some ass,

  9. Charles
    08/24/2017 @ 01:50 AM

    Hi Elvis
    Very Very inspiring and eye opening article, I didn’t know the facts behind the UbderFacts though I spend a lot of time on twitter promoting my profile/company by liking, retweeting and commenting on other useful tweets.
    I’m an SEO consultant with decent client base but after going through this article, I’d definitely try my hands on becoming the next Uberfacts.

    Thanks again Elvis. Have a good Day!

    • Elvis Michael
      08/25/2017 @ 10:50 AM

      Pretty inspiring, isn’t it? And it feels like he’s having quite a bit of fun in the process, too.

      It may be much harder to replicate his success these days, but it doesn’t matter; this only makes you think of other uncovered ideas. “What else can I start sharing?”

      Best of luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts!