Arthur Thares

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  1. BBB
    12/10/2015 @ 08:13 AM

    I guess there are no editors on this site? “How to Survive the Overcrowded Writer’s Market”.

    Having someone else look over what you’ve written before you publish is essential. You’re a great writer, but we all need editors.

    • Elvis Michael
      12/10/2015 @ 10:45 AM

      Thanks for the heads up, BBB.
      This site is mostly community driven (think of similar ones such as HubPages, for example). As a result, it’s usually up to the writer to fix these errors or simply skip them.

      Other than that, we have a very casual and conversational approach here. The most important thing (on this site, at least) is to get the point across.


    • afwriter
      12/10/2015 @ 23:00 PM

      Thank you for your comment. I have no collegiate training as a writer so I rely heavily on editors to learn as I go.

  2. Joyce Anderson
    03/01/2016 @ 14:39 PM

    The great thing about the internet is that it holds opportunity for many. The bad thing about the internet is that it holds opportunity for many! Competition makes working for “garbage pay” tempting and seemingly unavoidable. Staying the course and receiving lessons learned is the only way to succeed in anything in life, be it comedy or content creation 🙂