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  1. Nicolas Cramer
    09/13/2016 @ 02:51 AM

    Sorry. Didn’t care for it. I would like to see a little content. That had a hundred words tops.

    • Elvis Michael
      09/14/2016 @ 15:41 PM

      Got it – thanks for your feedback!

  2. Tushar Kumar
    09/13/2016 @ 10:53 AM

    In addition to this, one must also make use of productivity apps like Buffer to stay productive.

    • Elvis Michael
      09/14/2016 @ 15:41 PM

      Buffer is a life saver, along with Hootsuite to help schedule your posts on social media right after working on your content.

  3. Robert A. Kearse
    09/16/2016 @ 18:36 PM

    Well, for sure all of the skills mentioned are important, but
    the most important skill (by a wide margin) is the ability to
    build an opt-in email list (double opt-in preferred).

    For internet marketers the average earnings from an email
    list will range from $1-$1.50 (US) per subscriber per month.


    Some of the other skills (photo editing) can be outsourced to a
    site like fiverr.com

  4. Ray
    10/25/2016 @ 04:13 AM

    Agreed with those. Creative and skillful writing is the first key since if your writing is terrible, people won’t stick around at all. Research for added credibility and it’s the extra ingredient which adds to your perceived expertise. SEO of course as it’s best for you and your posts to be found as an expert by search engines than by other mediums.

    I’l also add here the ability to keep learning and improvising. There’s a ton of new content marketing stuff that I haven’t heard of and used and it turns out they’re FAR more effective than normal social media stuff (unless you’ve firmly established yourself there).

  5. Kate
    01/13/2017 @ 09:29 AM

    Hi Elvis!

    This is great! I am planning on starting my own blog site and been looking for something to help me. Your post seems nice and creative. I am also using buffer to handle my social media accounts, but I am looking for any alternative beside buffer and hootsuite, can you recommend any? Thanks for sharing

  6. Adam Jackson
    06/07/2017 @ 09:32 AM

    I agreed with ray that there are many blogging skills are discussed here, which will help you to improve your blogging.