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Affordable Web Hosting:

Listiller relies on iWF Hosting with no regrets. While these guys are not as massively known as other hosts, everything they offer is nothing short of excellent (trust me, I wouldn’t be with them otherwise).

Simply put: Listiller runs on more than 23 active plugins and a server-intensive theme (with many Javascript functions). And yet, iWF Hosting handles all this like a champ (considering the heavy load).

  • Customer support is always answered in record speed.
  • Their servers are always up. Always.
  • Their prices are top-notch. A dedicated server is as low as $79, while others charge you this much for something far inferior.

Click here to check them out. Compare them to others (such as HostGator) and you’ll see the difference.


How to Find Your Writing Voice – By Ryan Biddulph

Bloggers: Are you struggling to find your writing voice? Are you in constant fear of criticism? This gem shows you how to let go of these crippling fears and unleash your true self for addictive, supercharged (and super fun to read) blog posts.



Outstanding tool for serious writers. Plagiarism checker and tons of advanced features included. Highly recommended if you’re serious about your writing clients.